Cirrus: AGC, AGV, AIV, AMR Integration

Pampa Technologies offers engineering and consulting services for software system integration. We specialize on systems that requires moving things, either within an assembly line; between lines; within inventory; or from inventory to the line. We have specific experience on systems that involve robots, automatic guided cars (AGC), automated guided vehicles (AGV), automated indoor vehicles (AIV) and autonomous mobile robots (AMR).  

Material Motion integrated to MES, WMS, PLM, ERP, SCADA, PLC.

Pampa Technologies integrates systems that requires moving parts, which is usually isolated islands, with all the other systems that are running the plant.  We can help our customers with our proven experience on all different aspects of manufacturing software development automation. We apply our know-how of all systems with specific applications that deal with material flow. We work on the different interfaces and logic to provide simple and reliable connectivity and coordination.  

Unlimited SCADA Visualization

 As a Microsoft and Java Developers, Pampa Technologies is uniquely positioned to exploit the capabilities of .NET, Java, Controls, Robot Programming, Ignition, Rockwell and Wonderware.